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you'll have to be furloughed. and now a new documentary with michelle rhee and the man behind the documentary as fox 5 morning news continues right now. a nice shot outside as we had a beautiful start to the day. the skies very pretty color. it's september 21st, last full day of summer for 2010. glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and it's going to be a nice mild one for this day of transition. and then it will feel like summer again. tony perkins joins us with a closer look. >> it doesn't make it easy to explain when today is the last full day of summer and then tomorrow our temperatures go up to the 90s with heat and humidity. enjoy today. another mild one. as allison said, not bad at
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all. let's look out there. a cool start to the day. 58 degrees in washington. 49 in baltimore. 48 at dulles. so very cool. 53 in ocean city. and winchester is at 51 degrees. here is a look at the satellite radar. you know that live picture we showed you a moment ago, that told you the whole story. it's clear outside, bright sunshine as the sun just came up a few moments ago and not much in the way of cloud cover out there. so the day planner for today looks like this: a lot of sun, a cool start to the day but a day with seasonal temperatures. look for a high of around 80 degrees, our average high for today is 78. not bad at all. a lot of sunshine. enjoy it, folks. it will be a good one. i don't know if the commute will be good or not, but here is the lady that can tell you. julie wright. we started off at the outer loop with tysons corner with a crash and that's where we find the crew in sky fox. inner loop of the beltway
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before you reach the exit for route 7 in tysons, that's where we have the accident tieing up the right side of the roadway. it's still there. so we have the two left lanes squeezing by this accident scene with v-dot, ambulance, fire and rescue all on the scene, but the delays beginning back at the springfield interchange. so inner loop of the beltway where they are busy doing the hot lane work, accident activity in the process of being cleared. only the two left lanes getting through. let me show you the impact on the commute. this is the commute off of 95 northbound. and again all of this slow traffic, all of these lanes, the six-lane stretch northbound toward braddock merging into 4, it is gridlocked up to the accident scene at route 7. so it is a miserable commute for you unfortunately. also impacted is 66. jammed up badly from business 234 out of manassas in toward the beltway. a couple of problems along the way after nutley street have
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been cleared to the shoulder, but unfortunately the damage is done. outer loop below speed, 95 around to georgia, crash reporting outer loop at the bw parkway. crash at 212 on the shoulder with a backup leaving 198. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the senate is gearing up to vote on a big defense bill. all eyes on part of that bill that repeals the pentagon's don't ask, don't tell policy that allows gays to serve in the military if they don't tell anyone. we'll get more on our top story from stacy cohan who is live on the hill this morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. and president obama and the defense secretary robert gates are on the record as supporting the repeal of the don't ask, don't tell policy. but the big question here on capitol hill is how will all of the senators vote. passed by congress in 1993, don't ask, don't tell, allows gays and lesbians to serve in the military, but not openly. in may of this year the house
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of representatives voted to repeal the ban and now it's the senate's turn. the defense authorization bill is upsetting groups who don't want gays to serve openly in the military. >> the individual senators and how they vote on this motion to proceed is something they will be held accountable for. >> reporter: at a news conference of christian leaders in washington, they were urged to leave the law alone. >> if it fails tomorrow, the pressure will continue. >> reporter: those who want the policy overturned say more than 13,000 homosexual service members have been fired since don't ask, don't tell became law. >> i wanted to serve my country. i'm able to serve my country. i was great at what i did. it's no sense that you discharge me based on sexual orientation. >> reporter: the pentagon is in the middle of a survey of
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whether allowing gays to serve openly will hurt. >> earn knew and it wasn't a problem whatsoever. >> reporter: jared is lobbying to get don't ask, don't tell rep he'lled. >> so even as open as i was able to be, there was this level of paranoia that constantly existed that made it impossible to maintain a career in the military. >> i am here today because i would like to propose a new law. >> reporter: at an afternoon repeal rally in portland, maine, lady gaga trying to get the state's two republican senators to switch sides. >> but i'm more concerned that john mccain and other republican senators are using homophobia as a defense in their argument. >> reporter: now though the don't ask, don't tell policy is the focus of everyone down here today, it is part of the 700 billion-dollar annual bill on defense policy. they need 60 votes in the senate to pass it and to make
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it filibuster proof. we'll see what happens later today. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm stacy cohan, steve and allison, back to you. today's vote in the senate is on a bill authorizing $726 billion in military spending for the next year. new this morning, a deadly shooting in the district as a man was found shot in the 1400 block of first street southwest. police were alerted to the scene by shot spotter technology. so far no word on any suspects or motive. a virginia man who works with middle school and high school wrestlers is charged with possession of child pornography. 51-year-old mark barget was arrested on friday following a three-month investigation. fairfax county firefighters tipped off police back in june when they found pornographic material inside his lorton home while responding to a fire next door. police want anybody with information to come forward. >> if you are a parent of one of those children and you want to open a conversation with
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your child, speak with your child about those matches and ask if they feel they have any information they would like to share with the police department. >> the northern virginia wrestlers association said in part, these charges have nothing to do with their contract and the rules forbid anyone be alone with a coach without the team. a smash and grab robbery just after 3:00 this morning in the 11,000 block of rockville pike in rockville. someone smashed a door window at a tokyo cafe. they stole some items. no word on what was taken. the fbi is asking for public help in tracking down a man they say robbed dozens of restaurants in maryland, northern virginia, delaware and pennsylvania. the stringle robberies began in february of last year. authorities say the suspect has displayed a gun in all cases and is considered armed and dangerous. police haven't caught him yet
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but are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. and an arrest in the string of robber is near the university of maryland. police arrested andrew hillock of silver spring. they were able to determine he was a suspect with help from pictures first shown here on fox 5. they say he is one of three men who robbed two students at gunpoint on august 8th in college park. another suspect was arrested last week. to the economy now and what is expected to be a lively meeting of the federal reserve policy maker this is afternoon. there is likely to be much debate about whether the fed needs to take new action to help struggling americans. most analysts don't believe any plans will be unveiled but they are hoping to avoid another recession. and now speaking of recession, we know when the last one ended. a panel said it ended in june
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of last year. the national burrow of economic research said it started in december of 2007 and lasted 18 months. that's the longest recession the country endured since world war ii. president obama weighed in on the subject during a town hall meeting. >> obviously for the millions of people still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are struggling to pay the bills day- to-day, it's still very real for them. >> most economists agree the recovery is continuing to move slowly. one lawmaker has come up with a plan that he said will save the government $5.5 billion. but it requires federal workers be furloughed for two weeks. a closer look at this plan when we come back. and then hotels and homes and even some movie theaters. dealing with bed bugs, now bed bugs popping up in interesting places in our area, like libraries. stay tuned for that story.
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it's 9 minutes past the hour. ncs
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it is just now 7:13. it is 57 degrees. time for a look at stories making headlines. nato sources say nine soldiers killed in a helicopter crash today in southern afghanistan were all americans. in addition, there was one civilian american and one afghan army soldier both injured. they are recovering in a military hospital. this is the worst chopper crash for coalition forces in four years. police in france searching for -- searching visitors to the eifel tower and other city landmarks. they have intelligence reports that terrorists are planning a bombing perhaps in paris.
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a terror alert was issued about a possible female suicide bomber. and maryland is fighting what is believed to be a small bed bug infestation that turned up at a library. a library worker discovered a half dozen bugs in two children books that were dropped off and all of the books were placed in the back of a delivery truck to be heated to 120 degrees to kill the bugs. all eight county libraries are being sprayed just in case any of the tainted books wound up in another library. we're checking in with the forecast today and tony has it for us. it's so funny, we've been talking about the last full day of summer and probably the coolest day of the week. >> you're absolutely right. temperatures in the 40s in parts of the viewing area and then we'll be into fall starting late tomorrow night, certainly thursday is the first day of fall and it will feel like the summer, mid-90s. >> mother nature does not play by your rules. >> she said you think the
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calendar said this, well i'm going to give you this. here is a look at the airports. we've dropped down again, 57 at reagan national, 48 at dulles and 50 at bwi marshall. a cool start to the day. temperatures around the country, here we go, it's quite cool in the northeast. elsewhere it is warm and that's the heat that will makes it way in here. see those temperatures in the 70s, st. louis 74, 70 in little rock. 72 in atlanta. well that warm air will push in here and we'll see our temperatures increase rather dramatically. meanwhile, out to the west, dramatically cooler there. denver, 53. salt lake city, 52. here is a look at the national sat-rad. nothing to show you oar the mid -- over the mid-atlantic. there are clouds in southern virginia, but we're cloud-free. there are rain showers moving into the plains and then along the coastal regions of texas. that is about it.
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your forecast for today and the next five days, high today about 80 degrees with lots of sunshine. and then tomorrow tack on 10 degrees to that, 90 degrees. >> can i get one more? >> how about on thursday. 91, hot and humid. saturday a chance of scattered showers. you see we've put a possible late shower on wednesday, not a very good chance of that and it is primarily well out to the west. but we wanted to see some rain on there so we put it there. >> i have to tell you, tony, i'm okay with it. because i'm not ready to let it all go yet. i'm cool with that. >> i'm completely understand. and i know julie agrees. >> so julie wants mother nature to drop a couple of these days in january. >> i have no problem exchanging my christmas tree for a palm tree. santa can come in shorts any time he wants -- okay, well
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maybe not shorts but nonetheless. on the beltway, it's a ten mile backup, inner loop of the beltway traveling from the robinson terminal and springfield interchange toward route 7. it is bumper-to-bumper to slow. the accident still in play before the exit for route 7 in tysons corner. all of the vehicles involved in the crash have been sitting out there for almost two hours now and still there tieing up the two right lanes. all of the vehicles onto trucks, just waiting to be moved out of the roadway. gridlock up to tysons from the springfield interchange. the impact on your drive coming in bound on 66, you'll find a good 17-mile backup out of manassas, all the way in toward the exit for the inner loop. along the way a couple of problems before and after nutley street have cleared. outer loop below speed leaving 95 to georgia. southbound 95 slowing between 198 and 212. crash on the bw parkway and that's cleared to the shoulder as well. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
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time traffic. listen, if you are a government worker, one congressman wants you to take a couple of weeks off next fiscal year without getting paid for it. it's one of many ideas floating around to help shrink the deficit. joining us now, federal blogger. what is going on. >> there is a proposal that federal workers should take up to two weeks of unpaid leave, not consecutively but over the course of the year. he figures that combined with a 10% pay cut for lawmakers would save $5.5 billion. a little piece of money, but certainly not enough to close the gap. and it's one of several different republican proposalities that have -- proposals to cut back and target federal workers. this is a woman that suggested for every two federal retirees, the government should replace with one new worker.
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other says federal employees should be fired if they haven't paid taxes and other senators want the political appointees to be reduced. and they argue the government is too big and too many folks and they don't all necessarily have enough to do and therefore shouldn't be employed. >> and let's go back to representative kaufman's proposal here. any chance that could happen? does he have any support? >> considering the fact that congress will be leaving in the next few days to campaign, it's unlikely it will happen this year. but i think it signals that congressional republicans are seriously thinking about looking at that if they win back the majority of the house or senate. and it's very possible if they get majorities in either chamber, they may put something together that says either furlough or a pay freeze or you don't replace retirees with as
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many new workers. >> we tend to get lost in the zeros with regard to the amount of money talked about these days. how far would $5.5 billion go? >> it wouldn't go that far. the deficit is much larger than that. when you get into the billions that's a significant chunk of change, but you have to do many other things. and there have been proposals to sell off government buildings not being used. there is a big proposal at the pentagon to cut back on spending that would do a little bit there. but look, it's an easy one for a republican congressman trying to get re-elected. when the government is unpopular and you don't live in washington, d.c. where the federal government is the biggest employer, it's likely to get you votes. it scares people in this neighborhood. >> but it's hard to get your colleagues to come on board if they are going to take a pay cut. >> and as you're asking the executive branch to make
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sacrifices, they want to see the legislative branch do it as well. >> and the big news on the hill is the vote involving don't ask, don't tell. and you've been following this closely. it is a piece of the spending bill. >> this is a small piece of the spending bill. a lot of the focus of moderil republicans, collins and snow of main, snow last night said probably not. collins hasn't said which way she will go. she will be the last vote to move forward with this. but remember even if they get it today, you still have months to go because they have to pass a house senate version, the white house will have to weigh in and we're looking at about a year until gay and lesbian people could openly serve in uniform. so it's a key step, gay rights advocates say this is an important vote for them, we'll see if it happens. >> and the two key votes out of maine and that's why lady gaga
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was up there, trying to plaque -- to make the push up there. ed, o'keefe, thank you very much. yesterday it was witchcraft and now today there is a new controversy surrounding christine o'donnell. we'll have that story next. and then later it's a canine competition like none other. we'll check in with holly at the national sheep dog finals. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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the race for governor of maryland is still very close. a new rasmussen poll shows alley leading bob ehrlich 50% to 47% among likely voters. 3% still undecided. the poll allows for a sampling error of 4%. the tea party favorite in delaware facing an ethics
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complaint over her campaign funds. a group called citizens for responsibility and ethics say she paid her rent with campaign money and wants her investigating. she declared the rent payment as reimbursement expenses. the first lady of france is denying that michelle obama told her life in the white house was quote, unquote, hell. a passage in the new book described their first visit to the white house in march and claimed that she gave the response when she was asked about her role as first lady. she did not plan to take any legal action against the authors of the book and the white house has denied that mrs. obama made that comment. and coming up in the next half an hour, we'll have more on a new and very powerful documentary called waiting for superman. >> it looks at how schools are failing america's children and d.c. plays a prominent role in the film. here from school chancellor michelle rhee, a representative for the teacher's union, and a
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man behind the documentary all coming up next. it's 7:26. wa
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools.
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it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. 7:30 right now on this tuesday morning a set for a good day today. although off to a cool start. still chilly. >> it's cool out. temperatures in the 40s and 50s
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for most of the area this morning. yes, you heard right, the 40s and 50s. you need a jacket or sweater. >> a shall maybe. >> that would be nice as well, yeah. let's show you yesterday's high temperatures. not a bad day. today will be very similar in terms of sunshine and temperatures. yesterday 81 degrees. dulles got up to 80, but bwi marshall, only 78 degrees for the high. doing about the same for today. let's look at the current temperatures around the region where right now it is 57 degrees in washington. hold everything. 57 degrees here in washington. 48 at dulles. 49 in winchester. 52 in cambridge. [ laughter ] >> it is funny. >> look at the shot. here is your satellite radar, and things look fine. we have a lot of bright sunshine out there this
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morning. hurricane igor is out of here. and we'll see fine conditions across the region. a lot of sunshine today. nothing really to get in the way. so the forecast for today looks like this: a lot of sunshine, seasonal temperatures, 80 degrees for the high, our average high for this date 78 degrees. for tonight, not as cool as the last night was. clear skies and 62 degrees in town but that does mean plenty of 50s out there as well. your five-day forecast, tomorrow the warm-up begins. fall begins late tomorrow night but it will feel like summertime. heat and humidity make their presence known. 90-degree for the high tomorrow. most of you can ignore that late-day shower, maybe out to the west you could see a shower. thursday, hot and humid around 90-degree. saturday a better chance of getting rain showers in here during the day. that's a look at the weather. now let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. you guys seem to be having a lot of fun in there this morning. >> you know, yes, we are. >> no lying about it.
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you definitely are. well i don't have anybody to play with, i'm all by myself. on the roads, lanes are open but there is gridlock on 66. the problem was a crash on the inner loop and that's been with us for almost two hours at tysons. finally cleared and all lanes are open. but as a result inbound 66 traffic slows back at business 234 and that's a good 17-mile backup heading eastbound toward the beltway. the beltway is congested from springfield interchange. gw parkway at turkey run, crash on the left side of the highway. in montgomery county, 270 on the brakes leaving montgomery village through rockville. finding 29 at green castle, authorities on the scene of a vehicle fire. outer loop slows 95 to georgia with a crash in the left lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it is a documentary getting a lot of buzz. it's called waiting for superman. it premiered in hollywood last
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night. it takes a look at the education crisis in america. it offers a hard-hitting look at how schools are failing our children. the d.c. school system is featured throughout the film. >> controversial school chancellor michelle rhee was on oprah yesterday promoting the film and shannon green has more now on the documentary. >> even the kids are getting stupider every year or something is wrong in the education system. >> reporter: the man behind the new documentary, waiting for superman, said it's the latter. on september 24th, the movie about the u.s. public school system will hit theaters. it follows students and families on uphill battles to secure a good education in a system they call bad. michelle rhee criticized by the
7:34 am
local teacher's union, features prominently in the movie and said it's time the country got a good look at what is happening. >> if you look at what has happened in american public education over the last 20 years, we have gone from number one in a lot of different respects to absolutely at the bottom amongst developed nations. >> reporter: while charter schools are portrayed positively, teacher's unions are not. but this is not attack from the right. gwen heim is the director and producer behind the al gore warming document an inconvenient truth. the american federation of teachers praised gwen heim to get the country talking about the problem but is not happy with the portrayal of teachers. >> there are 3 million teachers in this country and those who do heroic things every day. and we need to give the
7:35 am
teachers the tools and conditions to support them rather than scapegoat them. >> reporter: gwen heim said he didn't expect any support, but the ground swell around this project has been greating and confesses although he's a huge supporter of public schools, he's so trouble by the current state he chose private schools for his own children. shannon green, fox news. >> i had a chance to see the documentary and also the chance to sit down with davis gwen heim to talk about his new film. >> so this documentary, and you go in and you know you're going to be moved and have an interest in what is going on in the schools and you don't expect to go through a whole box of kleenex, because you get so involved in the students' lives. what made you take on this huge project in the first place? >> well i have my own kids. i have three kids. and i drive my three kids in los angeles past three public schools on the way to take my
7:36 am
kids to a really great school. and it haunts me that the kids in my neighborhood don't have what my kids have. and why can't we give every kid in america -- why can't we give every kid in america that education. >> and why can't we give every kid that choice. and that's what you seem to investigate through what some reformers are out there doing, some of the charter school systems out there, but its all up to a little ping pong ball in a wheel and it's the lottery system and a lot of us pin our hopes and dreams on. >> and we follow these five kids and the parents all want these great schools. one here in washington, d.c., one in los angeles, all over the country and even in middle class schools. the only way to get that school where kids are going from college is to play the lottery. so they have to submit
7:37 am
themselves to a bingo to get a good education and it's heartbreaking and showing we've gotten to the point where we need a wake-up call and all focus on what we will do to get every kid a great education. that's what the movie is about. >> and you followed these children, daisy, francisco, anthony who is from d.c., i hope you can tell me a good report that he's doing well. but we'll wait. >> i can't give away what happens in the movie. >> but you do fall in love with the kids. >> you fall in love with them, emily and bianca as well. and what i found interesting is how they become so involved. they are waiting to see what happens. and most kids, you tell them what school they are going to and these kids are invested in their future. >> because they believe there is a big option. every kid has big dreams. daisy, in my home town, wants to be a doctor. if you give kids a sense that it's possible, and now we know it's possible, now we know how to make a great school, ten
7:38 am
years ago when i made my first documentary we weren't sure. but now we have the ingredients to make great school. if you give kids the belief it's possible, they will engage. if you give them the sense this is how we do things, we're pushing you through, then you get that attitude. >> when you tackling this, and i was sitting there thinking well but you don't think about this and then you tackle it. and an example is the tough neighborhoods. so you have a kid from a tough neighborhood, and they are trying to go to school but you said think about it another way around. the neighborhood is bad because the school is bad as opposed to the other way around. you look at many different approaches. >> i think a lot of people feel like, well the schools -- the reason why the schools are in trouble is because of the people over there. there is poverty and there is crime and these people don't care. and my movie really attacks
7:39 am
that idea. when i go into the neighborhoods and meet daisy or anthony here in d.c., his grandmother cares just as much as i care about my kids. anthony has just as many dreams of my kids and we have to break down those ideas. and we have to say we have to move past that. the schools that are working now, there is one here in d.c. called the seed school, the schools that are working say we cannot use that as an excuse. yes, sometimes in poor neighborhoods parents have a lot of problems, they are busy or have two jobs or don't have the skills but we'll have to move past that. if we are going to reverse the cycle, we have to focus and do the hard work of giving every kid in america a great education. >> you look at -- you take a hard look at the teachers, the teachers' unions in this. you deal with the reformers, people doing great things. and before we let you go, you talk a lot about michelle rhee. and it's in the film as well. this was a controversial figure
7:40 am
in d.c., but you say results are being reached here in these reformers with these sort of -- how do i say it gingerly -- these reforms don't make friends but is this necessary to tackle the problem. >> the system has been for the harmony of adults but it hasn't been built for how do we get a great teacher in front of every kid. and you can go to our website, waiting for because for a parent it's confusing and when you read about the politics it feels like too much. if you go to our website, you can learn about what you can do in your neighborhood. >> i don't know if it was supposed to end there, but i will tell you that waiting for superman is a fantastic look at what our kids are facing, what the educationors are facing, everybody from the janitors to
7:41 am
the heads of schools are facing and it's a tough situation and waiting for superman means they are waiting for someone to come and save them. but superman so far hasn't really come yet. >> getting a lot of attention but you hope that it spurs change. >> and there's a way to get involved. we have a link to the website on our website. go to and look under web links. it has ways to get involved with trying to change the school system in this country. it is 7:41 right now on this tuesday morning. bristol palin spoofs her mom during her debut on dancing with the stars. >> but why wasn't palin in the audience spurring on her daughter. and you see it just about every day. well a lot of folks will get written up for it today. and ray la hood, the u.s. transportation secretary will join us to look at what is
7:42 am
being done to stop this dangerous trend. coming up. stay with us. d
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last night bristol palin making her debut on dancing with the stars. she performed a cha cha to the song momma told me not to. sarah palin was hosting a viewing party at home instead. she wore a modest outfit and then ripped it off to reveal the short red dress. she had good hip action and footwork but was a little stiff. she scored 18 out of 30 points. jennifer gray got the top scores. >> well of course. >> she should. >> handicapping it from the beginning. you have to go with jennifer
7:46 am
gray. >> come on, who puts baby in the corning. that's fun. i don't know how those regular people -- that would be like me or you getting out there and doing this ballroom stuff. >> i would have been kicked off just from the reviews. >> but she's saying it's remarkable that some of these people -- >> they are transform and they are dancers. some better than others obviously. but cool. >> go for it. >> you ever notice they pick people out of work to do the show because of hours of training they put in. >> it takes a lot of work to do that and do it well. listen, let's talk about what is going on with the weather. we have cool conditions out there this morning. it will be a nice day today. here is a look at the regional temperatures. across the mid-atlantic and northeast. 57 degrees here in washington. 59 in new york city. boston is at 52. pittsburgh, p.a., 50 degrees. warmer air down to the south. norfolk, virginia, 62,
7:47 am
charlotte, 71 degrees. high pressure in control yet again. what we are going to see is that warm air that exists out to the west, pushing in here and then by tomorrow and then thursday and friday, temperatures into the 90s, believe it or not. the low 90what we are talking about, but humid too. here is your five-day forecast. high today about 90. i'm sorry today about 80. high today of about 80. tomorrow 90. slight chance of a late-day shower, primarily out to the west. thursday, friday, hot and humid, 91 and 90. and saturday mid-80 better chance of rain showers. we need them folks, so let's hope we get it in here even though it's on the weekend. that's a look at the weather. more coming up in a little bit. and let's check in with traffic with julie wright. >> it's been a busy commute out there on the highway and not much has changed. dealing with a car at green castle, delays back at johns hopkins. randolph slow to university boulevard.
7:48 am
270 gridlocks from clarksburg all the way toward the split. inner loop into the sunshine slowing from old georgetown the outer loop tied up at route 1 college park with an accident on the shoulder. 95 slowing out of laurel. also finding the bw parkway jammed up from 198 down toward powder mill. this is the inner loop of the beltway. all of this traffic gridlocked at this point headed up toward route 7 in tysons where we had a long-standing crash that is finally clearedm a good 10-mile backup on the beltway leaving springfield toward tysons. eastbound on 66 slow from business 234 into the beltway. from the toll road, slow to route 7, delays at the intersection of cold run into beulah. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. 7:48 on this tuesday morning. coming up at 8:00, a story you'll only see on fox. >> i noticed that you parked in one of the handicapped spaces. may i ask what your disability
7:49 am
is? >> i don't have a disability. >> drivers caught on camera using handicap spaces in a metroparking lot, leaving those without the spaces. >> good morning, holly. it's a good morning to do sheep dog herding. we are live for the 2010 national sheep dog finals. we're talking about the best of the best. we'll show you how to works and how you can come and see it live for yourself all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. d eas
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the 2010 national sheep dog finals going on in the area all week. >> fox 5's holly morris is in middletown, virginia, today, to learn more about the unique competition. and i know we're talking about the sheep dogs, but pretty view this morning. >> reporter: it is my pleasure to share it with you. they couldn't have this competition at a more picturesque spot. right now we'll give you an overview of what a big deal this event is. it's like the olympics or superbowl of sheep dog herding. and here to give you perspective is amanda mulligan. and when we say the best of the
7:53 am
best, we mean it. >> absolutely. like the stanley cup of sheep dogs. >> reporter: exactly. >> i'm a canadian. >> reporter: and this is the best of the dogs in terms of all of north america so it's around the country and canada. and how do the dogs get here. >> by accruing points over the year. the top 150 dogs make it into the national finals. those are very coveted spots and everybody wants to be here running in the big show. >> reporter: and give me an idea how big the sport it out there. >> i think there is 700 dogs on the high point list. that would give must indication. i've just come back from utah and colorado on a big western circuit, and it's a busy intensely competitive sport and refinements are a beauty. what a great thing to see. >> reporter: and i think intense is word to use because this is your dog, right? >> yes. this is my dog ross and she is a competitor and very intense, as you see, wanting to be the
7:54 am
one doing the job. >> reporter: but we have another dog out there doing the job and look at that dog just holding the sheep at bay. so explain how this works. >> this is when she asks the dogs to go left, that's left. when she goes to the right, that's right. and to walk up, is to wake up, like that. all of these things meant to go to catch the sheep, catching the sheep and sending it right. this is the amount of pressure that the dog has makes it move away. if it takes for a tiny flank it will be a step to left or right and it takes precise line as a result of the precise moments. >> she said all of that through those noises. >> yes. there is left plank. and right flank. >> reporter: how does it do this?
7:55 am
>> 50% of the breeding and the handler and training brings out the other 50%. >> reporter: so what makes them natural? >> they've been bred for this work for many years and it's a hard idea for the public to get their eyes on it. this breed is bred for that work and this work on this trial field defines the border collie and has historically and it has all of the traits intensified from generation to generation. >> reporter: so then you have just the natural make-up of the dog but let's talk about the training and how many a handler and dog need to work together to get the chemistry to do this? >> when a dog is very young, it will start going left and right around the sheep. and what we do is give words to what it is already doing naturally. so it will pull up and try to control them at 12:00 -- that was a bad thing to do. no, bad girl. it will pull up and we say lie down and it's a natural spot for a dog to lie down and they
7:56 am
suddenly learn to lie down. when they turn to the rights, we say away and they start going away when you ask them for that, not when they feel they must do it. so they exert on to primitive thing and it becomes a sophisticated job in the hands of a handler. >> reporter: thank you so much. it is fascinating to watch. and this is a fascinating place to watch it. if you want to come out and be a part of the trials, it runs through sunday here at bell grove plantation. since we are here, we're going to talk about the history of bell grove plantation because the original owner was quite into schoop and sheep dog herding himself. so we'll find out about that and give you more information so you can come and make a day of it here. back to you guys. >> thanks, holly. it is 7:56 on this tuesday morning. after 8:00, we'll give you a first look at the new porsche hybrid. >> i'm shocked, i know this is
7:57 am
going to be a good-looking car. >> it's not what you expect. and we'll talk to the author of a new book concerned with the safetive of cell phones. deborah davis reveals untold cell phone radiation and hanging up for good, especially when it comes to our kids. fox 5 news will be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up at 8:00, a story you'll only see here on fox 5. drivers caught on camera using handicap spaces at a metroparking lot leaves those who need them without anyplace to park. plus we'll talk to the author of a new book, raising more concerns about the safety of cell phones. dr. deborah davis reveals what she calls untold cell phone industry cover up and what everyone needs to know and do about cell phone radiation without hanging up for good. and we've heard about distracting driving and we see it every day. there is a check point going on right now in washington, d.c., this is a live look at it, taking place downtown. ray la hood, the u.s.
8:01 am
transportation secretary, is going to join us live in a few minutes with a look at what is being done to try to curb this dangerous trend. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and say good morning to tony perkins. he brings good news of the day's forecast. >> yes, i do. it will be a glorious day for the weather and with another day of sunshine and another day with a high around 80 degrees. >> perfect. >> not bad at all. let's start with the current conditions being reported at reagan national where right now it is 57 degrees at reagan national. relative humidity 72%. the winds are calm. barometric pressure continues to be on the rise. here is a look at the satellite radar. now if you've seen the live shot this is morning, you can see bright sunshine and that's what we're going to continue to have. there is nothing on the sat- rad, nothing to show you in our area. so that's nice. your forecast for today looks like this: plenty of sunshine, a nice afternoon, not much more
8:02 am
i can say about it. 80 degrees. >> you said glorious. >> i would use glorious again, yes. fantastic and beautiful. all of those words. 80 degrees. our average high is 78, so there you go. not bad. >> when you say glorious, you put a little english accent on it. >> do i really? i've never noticed that. >> i love it. it is glorious. julie joins us now. a couple more degree will be perfect for you. but tomorrow is coming and it will be 90 he tells us. 90 slam. >> so90 -- 90. >> so if i'm not here tomorrow. >> you have to be here. slow from 650 new hampshire through silver spring. big delays from route 1 to college park and that's where we had an incident cleared. 195 jammed up from 198, continuing to the bw parkway.
8:03 am
slowing in laurel, 50 jammed up into northeast. bw parkway, traffic slows after the pepsi plant to the kenilworth split. traveling the inner loop, the 10 mile backup is from springfield up to route 7 in tysons. 66 jammed from business 234. the toll road from wheelie on route 7 slows from colvin run toward villa. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. new this morning, a helicopter crash in afghanistan claims the lives of nine u.s. soldiers. this is according to several media outlets but not yet confirmed by nato or officials. it went down in southern afghanistan. this is the deadliest helicopter crash for coalition forces in four years. the senate is about to hold a crucial vote today that could repeal the military's plan on gays serving openly. the vote on don't ask don't tell policy is part of a defense spending bill. stacy cohen is live on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
8:04 am
and this issue is certainly drawing a lot of attention. don't ask don't tell is the military policy that allows gays and lesbians to serve in the military but not openly. that was passed back in 1993, when president bill clinton was in office. this repeal is part of a larger military authorization bill that comes up annually and the senate is set to vote on that today. there was a news conference by christian leaders, urging senators to vote against this. arguing it would make some military men and women suffer through awkward situations but former soldiers who happen to be gay disagree. >> you know, i wanted to serve my country, i'm able to serve my country, i was great at what i did, it makes no sense to discharge me based on sexual orientation. >> it was not an issue. i was open relatively to my peers. everyone knew. >> it's a threat that the
8:05 am
military will force other members of their military silent about think opposition. >> what is most offensive to the american people is the military is being used to advance a social policy. that should not happen. >> reporter: now the military authorization bill with that repeal already passed the house of representatives back in may. the senate take that's up today and they need 60 votes to pass it and ensure to protect themselves against a republican filibuster. we'll find out what happens later on today on the hill. stacy cohan, back to you. a federal judge in california has already ruled that the ban on gays serving in the military is unconstitutional. a three-month investigation has led to the arrest of a lorton, virginia, man who was accused of possessing child pornography. 51-year-old mark barget is a wrestling official and works with middle school and high school wrestlers in the area
8:06 am
but the north virginia wrestling officials organization say rules forbid officials being with children without the coach or others around. a judge sentenced robert peterson to 15 years behin bars. but then suspended the entire sentence. he will be on supervised probation for five years. he taught 7th and 8th grade at sid well friends. in january he was charged with other crimes. prosecutors say he invited a boy to his home and showed him pornography and touched him. he was immediately fired perfect sidwell friends. fox 5 is confronting drivers taking handicap parking. >> this started with a tip from a viewer saying they saw drivers with high heels and
8:07 am
running shoes parking in those spots. >> reporter: the cat is on the prowl but the first row of handicap parking is already full at the branch avenue metro station in prince george's county. >> that's why i get here as early as i do. >> reporter: christine snagged the first space in the row at 4:46 in the morning, long before the trains had begun to run. >> of course it frustrates me to see someone put the little sign like that in their window and then they walk out with heels on, it does drive you crazy, because i think whoever used it should have a valid disability. >> a lot of people think that because you can't see your disability that you aren't disabled, because you can't see mine but it is there. >> reporter: that's why to get answers we had to ask a very uncomfortable question. >> if you don't mind, what is your disability?
8:08 am
>> well i have a train to catch. >> and is that your placard? ma'am, is that your placard. >> reporter: she was in a hurry, but minutes later returned to move her car to a regular space. >> i have a bad knee. >> i have asthma. >> i was in a car accident and i have a back injury. >> reporter: most people were willing to tell us, because they say they want someone to do something about the parking problem. >> i have witnessed myself too much that are not by any stretch of the imagination handicapped. it's become an unfortunate scan. >> this man told us he has a muscular impairment. >> those who are handicap are slow in getting here. >> reporter: and we never got his name because at this moment the woman got out of the suv. we'd seen her here before. >> i'm tisha thompson from channel 5. may i ask you your disability. >> no you cannot. >> we notice you are wearing high heel shows so people are
8:09 am
going to say is she disabled? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: she called us and said the suv is not in her name but didn't tell us her disability. >> do you mind me asking what your disability is? >> i do. >> everyone who refused to tell us about their disability, told us they didn't care if someone abused the system. >> reporter: you don't have problems with people taking the spaces when you don't need them? >> no. >> reporter: and then this guy admitted he did not have a disability? >> i don't have a disability. >> reporter: you don't? >> no. >> reporter: is that your placard. >> my spouse. >> it's for your spouse. but your parking in the handicap space. is that fair? >> maybe not. >> reporter: the law says the person with the disability must be in the car in order for the placard to be used. so why do it? the answer might be here. we noticed all of these cars
8:10 am
with disabled placards also had expired meters. that's because metro says disabled drivers don't have to pay to park at a metered spot. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> at 9:00 we'll show you what happens when somebody tries to find a space big enough for his wheelchair. >> and what the people parked in those valuable spots had to say. 10 minutes past the hour. an nfl player found dead in his home. up next we'll check out other stories making headlines this morning into plus we'll talk to an otherror about the safety of our cell phones. deborah davis reveals what she calls untold stories of cell phone industry cover-up and explains what everybody needs to do and know about cell phone radiation. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ou [ female announc] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh 8:13 now as we take a look at stories making headlines this morning. sad news from the nfl. the denver broncos mourning the death of wide receiver kenny mckinley. he was found dead at his home
8:14 am
yesterday of an apparent suicide. sheriff's deputies in colorado say the 23-year-old football player shot himself. he was the second year pro out of south carolina. he was on the broncos injured reserve list with a bad knee, second year, placed on season ending i.r. andy moling facing seven charges, including driven driving. pulled over by maryland state police in baltimore county saturday morning. he was acquitted of dui charged recently in carroll county. lohan back to court. the judge issued a warrant for her arrest, but then stayed it, allowing her to remain free until friday. lohan admits she failed a drug test. if the judge determines that is a probation violation, she could go back to jail or be ordered back into treatment. let's turn to happier news. it's 8:14 on this tuesday morning and tony is back with a
8:15 am
look at our weather. >> and a little pick-me-up. >> and we start with that. time for the my first 5 photo of the day. this is 2-year-old kimi and her dad. she's adorable. we are told she can say hello, grandfather, red, green, thank you and she can count up to 3 in chinese. >> wow! >> that's impressive. >> i wasn't expecting the chinese. >> isn't that cool. she is a bright little girl and absolutely adorable and dad has got to be proud. >> you know he is. >> you can tell. well thanks for sending it in. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. here is what is happening right now. our temperature has gone up. our temperature has gone up to 60 degrees. all right, well, there you go.
8:16 am
it's 60 degrees at reagan national airport. been on the rise as well. take a look at the temperatures across the country. you'll note that there is plenty of warm air in the eastern united states. it's just not here in our area. it will work it's way in, not today, but tomorrow. tomorrow get set for 90. out west, cool temperatures, in the 50s. here is a look at the sat-rad for the nation. fairly active. nation's mid section got some clouds and precipitation from the plains up into the midwest. rainfall along the coast of texas. most of the western u.s. was dry, most of the eastern u.s. was dry as well. five-day forecast, high today about 80 degrees under plenty of sunshine. a very pleasant, beautiful, nice day. tomorrow hot, 90 degrees, humidity increases as well. slight chance of an afternoon or evening shower out to the west but it's only a slight chance. thursday, friday, hot and humid, highs around 90. saturday mid-80s with a better chance of scattered showers here and there.
8:17 am
that's a look at the weather. now let's get more on the rush hour traffic with julie wright. it's been a tough commute out there on the roads this morning. if you're traveling the beltway outer loop, you're still in for a very slow ride leaving greenbelt toward college park and toward silver spring. this happens to be the outer loop. this is northbound 95, 495 with delays at kenilworth extending all the way around to georgia before the pacive proves. and 95 is jammed from 198 to the beltway. and delays from the bw parkway 198 to powder mill. a crash possibly involving a pedestrian. the park a slow ride leaving riverdale and chefly into northeast. 270 backed up from clarksville and sunshine toward connecticut avenue. this is the ten mile backup in virginia leaving springfield toward route 7, long-standing crash that we had to deal with earlier cleared but the damage is done. it will take a while before the
8:18 am
delays ease. on 66, jammed up out of centreville. the toll road to the beltway. and road work southbound 95 from newington to lorton, taking away the mid lane for the midday. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well if you spent a lot of time on your cell phone, and who doesn't, or if you leave it on your nightstand while you bleep --sleep. andd now a study showing kids with cell phones may be at higher risk. deborah davis is a scientist, author and founder of the environmental health trust. good morning, it's good to see you again. >> nice to see you, allison. >> and you've come in with the latest news in the right to know what is happening. tell us what happened last evening. >> last time in burling game,
8:19 am
california. this small town of 25,000 decided it was going to issue an ordinance giving people to know before they buy a phone that it emits a slight amount of radiation. and this small decided it would have one warning. well the senior vice president was sent there saying we don't need to confuse people with the facts about cell phone radiation. yes, the small fine print on my website tells you that, but don't show them that before they buy the phone. >> you say this is similar to the tobacco fight years ago when they didn't feel it was necessary to list warning and weren't talking about any health related problem. what is your problem with using the cell phones, especially as much as we do. >> when cell phones were first approved in 1979, they were used by short calls mostly by
8:20 am
businessmen. they were not thought to be used for hours a day by pregnant women and the like. so the standard was set. and now many of us are using them for hours a day. and there are things you request do to use your exposure. i use my cell phone, but with a speaker phone or earpiece. i'm not opposed to cell phones, i jut want to make them safer. >> now are there guidelines about safety issues? what is the cell phone industry doing now? >> well in the last two years there is a trust and now the fda and the fcc have information on their websites on how to reduce exposure to radiation. we are still not sure that cell phones want to -- don't cause cancer but we want to issue warnings already that children do not use cell phones.
8:21 am
texting is okay but not holding the fun up to your head for hours a day. >> and if you told folks you can't use your cell phone, there would be outrage. but you say there are ways to safely use them and we want to talk about some of the tips based on what we've heard. use a headset or how about the bluetooth, what is that? tell us the difference. >> it does reduce radiation, but if you use your blew tooth and -- your bluetooth that's fine, but don't carry the cell phone on your body, whether it's a blackberry or iphone or smart phone, they all say the same thing. you have the right to know that. >> be aware of weak signals. >> the weaker signal, the more energy the cell phone has to be put out to reach the phone. and some of the energy is getting into your brain.
8:22 am
so just hold it here. >> and you even say don't put it by your bedside, at your nightstand. why? >> at night when it is charging, if it's on its getting signals, receiving things back and forth and that is just not a good idea to have that kind of radiation exposure near the brain. young girls like to sleep with their phone on under their pillow and that's a terrible reason. >> and i want to let people know that you have several websites and we'll link this to deborah and also environmental health we'll link both of the websites. and if you do want to hear more, you can see deborah at georgetown university this thursday, 4:15, for the malloy distinguished lecture. and tell us the hall again. >> the mortarra building at georgetown university. you enter it in n. street northwest and it's free and
8:23 am
open to the public and please do register online. >> reporter: and the book is called disconnect. thank you so much for being with us. >> it's a pleasure. it is 8:23. an arrest warrant has been issued in the case of the acid attack. and then later the show goes to the dogs and that's a good thing. holly this morning at the national sheep dog finals in northern virginia. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
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a rapper from central virginia going to prison for life. richard san mccosky pled guilty to killing four people last year. he did not get the death penalty because he admitted to killing her girlfriend, her parents and a friend of his girlfriend. prosecutors say he beat his victims to death with a wood- splitting tool while they slept. he was a rapper with violent lyrics. she claimed that a woman attacked her with acid and then
8:27 am
admitted she did it. now there is a warrant out for arrest. bethany storro is receiving felony charges after claiming a stranger slashed acid in her face. her mother said the donated money will be returned. 8:27 on this tuesday morning. we all know the dangers of distracted driving. >> but you see it happening every day. in fact police in our area are cracking down as we speak. just ahead, ray la hood, the united states transportation secretary, joins us live with a look at what is being done to curb this dangerous friend. stay with us. oweanyo
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 right now. we all know that texting or talking on the phone while driving is not safe. and in a split-second the consequences can be devastating. >> the u.s. department of transportation is reminding americans to put down the phone while driving and pay attention
8:31 am
to the roadway. in fact there is a distract the driving summit today. joining us now from northwest is u.s. department of transportation secretary ray la hood. secretary la hood, good morning, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> so tell us what falls under the category of distracted driving. it's not just texting these days. >> well it's cell phone use. people trying to receive text. people that are texting messages. and our point is you can't drive safely when you have a cell phone inyer ear and trying to receive or send a text message. it's just not a safe way to drive. >> and the question is how do you go about getting the message through to people that it's not safe. and as much as you say it, as you look behind you, you're probably seeing people doing it right now. >> across the street here we have the wonderful washington, d.c. police actually stopping people that have a cell phone in their ear and giving them a ticket. good enforcement is the way to
8:32 am
change very, very dangerous behavior. and we just have to do that in order to get cell phones and blackberries out of people's hands while driving. so the d.c. police are doing their job today by enforcing the law. >> you have different states getting on board now and if you could just give us a ballpark of our area here, secretary la hood, d.c., maryland and virginia, of what is not allowed? >> in d.c. you're not allowed to use the cell phone or a blackberry. in the two other states surrounding here, they have a little different version of the law. we like the d.c. law and we like the fact that the police are out here enforcing it. we believe good enforcement is the way to change very, very dangerous behavior and that's what is going on here in washington. and all day today we'll be talking about the very bad things that can happen when people think they can have a cell phone in their ear while driving or receiving text
8:33 am
messages. >> you're having the 2010 distracted driving summit. what else will you be talking about today? >> we'll be hearing very heartbreaking stories from parents who have lost children, children who have lost parents because they were involved in distracted driving event. and we'll talk about the fact that last year 5005 people died as a result of distracted driving and half a million were injured. we'll talk about what is going on here in d.c. what took place in syracuse new york and hartford, connecticut, with good enforcem and just a whole range of things to draw the attention of the country with the fact that distracted driving is epidemic and they think they can drive and use the phones and they can't. >> and you are the u.s. secretary of transportation, do you like anything for a federal or national model when it comes
8:34 am
to the laws? >> i do. senator rockefeller from west virginia and senator clover will be speaking today. rockefeller has a good bill which would outlaw texting and driving. and we think that's a very good first start and we'll work with congress and hopefully they'll pass a bill this year. >> and this latest we have is the texting and cell phone usage, but you see folks doing all kinds of things behind the wheel. steve saw someone reading a book. i've seen people putting on makeup, is there a ability to be safe? >> you need to put both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road. it's an epidemic with cell phone use and blackberries because everybody thinks they have them and everybody thinks they can do it where ever they go. whether it's on the church or
8:35 am
behind wheel. everybody thinks because they have a cell phone or blackberry that they can drive safely while using them and you simply cannot do that. >> and you said across the street are the d.c. police working hard throughout the morning. have they been finding a lot of people texting or talking on their 202-895-3307s right now. >> there are a couple of people over there right now that are receiving ticket. and i'm grateful to the chief of police in washington, d.c. for setting up this opportunity to persuade people that they can't text and drive and use a cell phone and drive. you can't do it safely. the police chief has stepped up with strong leadership in getting her people out here writing the tickets today. we hope to change very dangerous behavior. >> secretary la hood, we wish you the best of luck with the summit today and thank you for joining us here on fox 5. >> thank you. >> secretary of transportation, ray la hood. >> i hate to put your example on the air, but we've seen people do some crazy things.
8:36 am
>> amazing when you think about it. you've seen it, shaving and putting on make-up. talking on the phone they are trying to push because it seems like everybody has a phone. >> but it's the split second. it doesn't even have to be that. tucker barnes, a lot of people will be outside today, hopefully taking advantage of the weather. a rough segway, but just take it nonetheless. >> nice, cool start. 48 in manassas. 52 in gaithersburg. washington is 60 degrees. comfortable start here. 59 in leonardtown. and 61 in annapolis. just like yesterday, upper 70s. feeling like the low 80s with bright sunshine. i would expect more than a cloud or two. you can see how quiet it is across the mid-atlantic and up through england. and we have a thunderstorm that might bring us a storm late friday and thursday. here is your weather pattern for the week. high pressure will push off the
8:37 am
coast and give us a southerly breeze starting tomorrow. so upper 70 toss -- to about 80 and high temperatures of about 90 and that will continue through the week. and if you like summertime temperatures, we have beautiful weather. winds out of the north and east at about 5 miles per hour so lighter than yesterday. should be a very comfortable day. not as cool tonight, an overnight low. and then there is the summertime warmth, wednesday, thursday and friday, high temperatures about 90 or so. our best chance for rain will arrive on saturday with scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm. that's a look at the forecast, steve. a process that could help stall the process of alzheimers. and then genetically
8:38 am
altered fish could be on store shelves in a matter of years. stay with fox 5 morning news.
8:39 am
8:40 am
some promising new findings in the battle against alzheimers. researchers have zeros in on a protein that zeros in how
8:41 am
aggressive it will be. high levels of a protein harbor a genetic alteration that will deteriorate more quickly than others. scientists hope to figure out how to lower levels to slow the process of dementia. older workers are finding it tougher to keep a job and the unemployment rate for those over 55 years old is at a record high 7.3%. and it's taken them the longest time also to find jobs, with the average being 39 weeks. workshops are being held around the country to help the older generations learn about new tools that can help land the next job. >> the moment you, as an older worker, bring in an idea that is cutting-edge in the eyes of that hiring manager, you are no longer old. >> experts say age discrimination is a reality in today's competitive work force but the people can increase their chances of getting hired by being highly motivated,
8:42 am
positive and energetic. and if you are looking for work, don't forget to check out our job shop. the job of the day is at the bethesda north marriott, looking for a housekeeper. for more information on this job and many other goes to and click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. it is 8:42 right now on this tuesday morning. up next we'll check out a cool car. your first look at a new porsche hybrid. but it is not one you can buy soon. but it is still really cool. >> you so can put it on the wish list. >> if you like to go fast. and holly is out at the national sheep dog finals. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm actually watching the competition as we speak right now. and i'm doing the best seat in the house. that's because the 2010 national sheep dog finals are going on live. we are going to tell you how to see this world class competition but learn important history in the process. it's all live next on fox 5
8:43 am
morning news. stay with us. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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8:46 am
more and more companies continue to roll out new hybrid models. porsche jumping on the bandwagon with the new porsche race car. let's get a look at the race car with the man who gets to race the car, patrick wiseman. >> how are you? >> i'm jealous. i'm a motor sports fan and you are out there racing. and now we shift toward green racing. tell us about that. >> the g t3 is a hybrid. we're trying to lead global racing into alternative fuels and energy and this is something exciting. it's new for us. it's stored flywheel technology so we're not using batteries, but when we do hit the boost button 160-horsepower comes on hard and quick and it's fun to drive. >> and a lot of people think
8:47 am
about hybrids and the big knock was there wasn't very much power or performance. how is porsche able to do this and keep the performance level high to be competitive? >> well certainly the flywheel is where we are starting. we're generating the current through the front end with generators under braking. so our wasted space or energy is becoming extra charge when we need to accelerate past our competition. the fuel mileage is increased, less brake pad wear and tire consumption. so endures racing is about staying -- endurance racing is staying out of the pits and this helps that. >> and you can be more competitive with this than the traditional vehicles. >> yes. we will be down at road atlanta in october. it led 11 hours of a race overall in his debut. we wanted to get out there and spread the message about
8:48 am
porsche intelligent performance but we've been able to run for the lead at the same time so it feels great to kill two birds with one stone. >> and people may not get, but a lot of times the manufacturers will start comparementing -- experimenting on the track and take that technology, and do you think porsche will do that with the technology. >> this is a work in process. i think that the american lamont series has been working hard over the last decade with this and it's starting to take shape. it's fun to be veried with a driver and very engaged with the engineers but the real spectacle has taken and embraced this. all in all i think it is interesting and it is the future of motor sports. >> when they first came to you and said we want you to drive this hybrid race car, did you think oh, boy, here we go. i'm going to get made fun of
8:49 am
because i'm driving the hybrid on the track, or was it cutting- edge? >> i was interested. it was something that was inviting. but when i got in the car i was surprised how much performance -- i mean 160-horsepower goes to all wheel drive and it was engaging, it was fun, something else to stretch my strategy. you could use the boost in certain times out on the track. and so to do something for the environment is certainly very, very positive. so all in all it was a big surprise but it's been a lot of fun. >> and for those who may still think you can't get power and performance out of a hybrid, how fast did you get it up to on the track? >> we'll be pushing 200 miles per hour easily and the acceleration point and the handling is improved. we're braking later. so for a driver we want to push the car as hard as we can and this car seems to have set the
8:50 am
bar high. >> thank you. best luck. it will be great to watch your progress. and we hope you do well. >> thank you very much. >> it's a beautiful vehicle. >> it would be nice if they could put it in the showrooms and drop the price. porsche does have one road model that does look like a race car and it is $600,000. >> one can dream. the bell grove longation is middletown, virginia, is all about the sheep dogs this week. >> holly morris is checking out the olympics of sheep dog trialing. is that what you call it? >> reporter: that's what i call it. but what do i know. i'm learning too. but it is a big deal. and when all is said and done, the north american sheep dog champion will be crowned and there is no better place in north america that have it than here at bell grove plantation. elizabeth is joining me on the
8:51 am
porch this glorious morning. >> with a beautiful view over the mountains. >> reporter: yes, we do have a beautiful view. tell me the connection of sheep dogs in this plantation. >> bell grove was founded in 1797 and issac hide who was the owner had a flock of marino sheep, about 500. we know he was close to thomas jefferson, a brother-in-law of james madison and thomas jefferson was the very first to bring sheep dogs to america from france and was a proponent of their youth so we know he had sheep dogs managing his flocks. >> well you might be hearing the cheers because the actual competition began at 8:00. so we're watching that and here is the beautiful view -- let's get give everybody an idea of the experience. >> well weigh want everybody to see the national sheep dog finals and to tour bell grove plantation. it's a wonderful collaboration between two nonprofits, a real
8:52 am
success story. bell grove is a national historic landmark and the site of the historic trust for preservation. so we preserve both structures but we also preserve the heritage of the valley and that's why the sheep dog are perfect because it gives them a chance for the future. >> reporter: so when you are outside, you can watch them working and you have tents set up and then you can take a tour of the house. and we are inside of the wonderful mansion. and give us an idea of what we are looking at. >> this is a minneapolis that both encompasses early history of the settlement of the valley and civil war history. so there is a little something for everyone to learn. this is the site of the civil war battle of cedar greek in 1864. here are drawings done during the battle on the left and then after the battle on the right.
8:53 am
we talk about the settlement. of the valley and the restoration of this cow. we raise a little money and then we do what we can based on careful research. so if somebody would like to come in and visit the house, we have some portraits of issac hite who founded bell grove, his wife nelly madison with their oldest son james madison hite and the senior madison from montpelier. and we also have a photo of thomas jefferson because hite was a great follower of jefferson and his agricultural practices. >> reporter: how long does the tour last? >> this is a self-guided tour and they can come in and our
8:54 am
volunteer guide can tell them about historic preservation too. >> reporter: we thank you for giving us a guided tour. and if you come out, their hospitality is overwhelming. it will be a memorable day because of the mostly cloudy and what is going on. and the 2010 national sheep dog trial finals are going on flu sunday. competition is daily. it's $12 to get in, children 6- 12 are $6. and you can just take in the whole experience. is our link to theirs. and in the next hour we'll go over to the competition and show you world class dogs and handlers in action. back to you guys. 8:54 right now. mandatory tests for sickle cell. that's what is facing college athletes. >> some say it will save lives and others say it's discriminatory. and who is encouraging osama bin laden to forth a
8:55 am
cease fire and why he may be considering it. 6 minutes before 9:00. we'll be right back. keac ].
8:56 am
right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland--
8:57 am
and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
8:58 am
there is your hot toy for the holidays. one of them. it is on the toys "r" us hot list. the characters are sold separately and then when you buy them and put them together, they sing in harmony. the 15 hottest toys, the princess and me dahls, the luxury townhouse and the monster high and duce gordon doll set. so there you go. start your shopping early. get them while you can. those are some of the hot toys for the holiday season. and that will do it for this
8:59 am
hour, but we'll turn it over to tony and allison. >> i was looking at what age -- i think their for little kids. thank you, steve. and now a big reminder to put down your cell phone. area police are citing motorists for texting and driving. we'll live with more on the crackdown. and then the bed bug crisis is hitting home. the pesky bugs found inside a local area library and we have everything you need to know and get ready, glee is about to kickoff. the season premier of glee is tonight at 8:00 on fox 5. and coming up, we'll hear from some of the newest cast members. holly morris sat down with them in hollywood to talk about what we can expect this season. >> i was surprised because the show was so successful and they're adding cast members. >> but they're enhancing it. somebody is getting a boyfriend. there is another cch

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